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Welcome to Maine Bunk Beds.

Bunk beds are part of our history, our childhood memories, and our collective past. Bunk beds outfit summer camps, beach homes, ski lodges, and the bedrooms we grew up in. Bunk beds are about community, sharing, friends, and families. Maine itself has a rich history of bunking—from summer vacation retreats to lumberjack bunkhouses.

To a child - and even an adult - a bunk bed is more than a piece of furniture: it can be a haven, a fortress, a ship, a palace, or a hideout. We handcraft our solid wood beds to be safe, strong and sturdy, so that they are a perfect fit, not only for your home and lifestyle, but also for your imagination. 

When looking for bunk beds, you may find yourself having to choose between mass-produced, over-priced labels or low-cost flimsy beds built overseas. At Maine Bunk Beds, we offer you an alternative: locally crafted, made-to-order custom beds that will last a lifetime. Our bunk beds are made from natural, sustainable materials right here in the USA. Maine Bunk Beds is committed to a low environmental impact with the health and safety of your family and guests in mind. We take great care in our green practices and materials, so that you can feel good about choosing a Maine Bunk Bed for your family to sleep - and dream - in. 

Our bunk beds are built for strength and durability so they can handle both adults and children! We handcraft each of our eco-friendly bunk beds from solid hardwoods and nontoxic materials and finishes. If you don’t see a model that fits your needs, contact us and we can probably build it!

Thanks for your interest and please explore our site to learn more about Maine Bunk Beds! We look forward to building a bunk bed for you that is a perfect fit for your home and lifestyle.

Questions? Send us an email at Info@MaineBunkBeds.com or call us at (207) 331-3500.

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