Brunswick - Our Classic Twin Bunk Bed

Our most popular bunk bed - and it's stackable. OPTIONS: Extra length and/or extra height. COLOR: Blue Montana Sky (non-toxic paint)

  • Our Classic Twin Bunk Bed


Handcrafted in Maine with eco-friendly hardwoods and non-toxic materials and finishes.

Named after a town in Maine with a rich lumber and sawmill history, the “Brunswick” twin over twin bunk bed was inspired by turn-of-the-century bunk beds made for Maine camps, lodges, and lumberjack bunkhouses. 

Our most popular model features an updated design with a number of improvements to safety, craftsmanship, and style. First, we strengthened the rails and posts by using a thicker hardwood, hand-sanded and smoothed with beveled edges. Using stronger wood components eliminates the need for wood screws, fasteners, and corner bracing. The ladder is integrated into the bed frame to eliminate shifting or trip hazards. Allowing for even more versatility, the “Brunswick” bunk bed can be easily unstacked and used as separate twin beds. 

Our bunk beds are handmade in accordance with your exact specifications. We specialize in building custom bunk beds that are a perfect fit for your home and lifestyle.

Dimensions: 45”(W) x 82”(L) x 62”(H) 

Materials: Solid hardwood components joined together with 12 architectural bolts.

Mattress: Not included. Requires 2 twin mattresses.

Available Options:

    Storage Drawers (3) under bottom bunk
    Matching Furniture: Dressers (3, 4, 5 or 6 drawer), Nightstands (1 or 3 drawer), Desks and Bookcases
    Custom Modifications including Extra Length and/or Extra Height    
Questions? Send us an email at or call us at (207) 331-3500.

Finished Brunswick - Non-Toxic handmade bed, made in the USA
Price: $2095 + Shipping
Unfinished Brunswick - Non-Toxic handmade bed, made in the USA
Price: $1895 + Shipping