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Since 2009, Maine Bunk Beds has dedicated to making high-quality adult bunk beds that are safe for both kids and adults. We pride ourselves in our catalog of custom, premium and sturdy bunk beds handcrafted out of the best quality solid wood. Choose or customize your high-end bunk bed today.

Get Your Custom Loft Beds for Adults Designed by Maine Bunk Beds

Looking for loft beds for adults? Our custom loft bed solutions are guaranteed to help you. We craft the perfect wood loft beds with size and color to match your preferences.


Build your own Loft Bed

Since each of our Lofts are made to order, we can handcraft a Loft bed to your exact specifications.  Want a built-in desk that fits under the Loft?  Need extra long mattresses for taller people?  Need a paint or stain that matches your existing room colors?ns

Please fill out the following form and we will send you a Quote in accordance with your exact specifications:

Our Loft Frames can support either Twin- or Full-size Beds
A traditional rung ladder is included within the base price. Other options include (1) a Porthole Ladder or (2) a Staircase w/ 4 Storage Drawers.
A single safety rail is a standard feature on all loft beds. A second, extra safety rail can be added to the upper loft bed for added protection.
A stand-alone bed that fits under or away from the Loft.
We only use eco-friendly paints and finishes that are fully compliant with strict regulations set by the California Air Resources Board.. Please see Colors for optional finishes and color choices.
Our mattresses are perfectly sized to fit each bed frame. We offer two types of mattresses: (1) Maine-Made mattresses or (2) Natural Fiber mattresses.
Please let us know if there are any other features that you want for your Bunk Bed.
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