Custom Bunk Bed Options

Modern Custom Bunk Beds

​Recently a feature on a Star Wars themed custom bunk bed has been creating quite a buzz on the internet. A little creativity, a handy dad, a love for Sci-Fi and voilĂ ! —You have one happy kid, with one of the most unique bunk beds around.

For the rest of you out there looking for a custom bunk bed but perhaps with a little less Luke Skywalker, our standard Twin over Twin bunk bed has a ton of customization options for your little ewoks.

The Brunswick model, comes in a variety of custom colors, options such as a hanging desk or dresser, or additional storage such as a trundle bed.  Not to mention, you’ll avoid several months of construction.

Best of all, our bunk beds are all eco-friendly, non-toxic, and built right here in the USA ... not in a galaxy far far away.