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Since 2009, Maine Bunk Beds has dedicated to making high quality bunk beds that are safe for both kids and adults. We pride ourselves with a catalog of custom, green, eco-friendly, and sturdy bunk beds handcrafted out of the best quality solid wood. Choose from our designs and customize your perfect bunk bed today.

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Want a comfortable and cost friendly mattress with your new bed? We offer high quality mattresses from White Lotus Home and Portland Mattress Makers that are perfect for your budget. Choose from the available options across size and styles and place your order today.

"Green" Cotton & Wool Dreamton Mattress

green cotton mattress
green cotton mattress

"Green" Cotton & Wool Dreamton Mattress

from 630.00

Description:  Our "Green" Mattress is entirely made from natural fibers. The core of the mattress is filled with a fluffy "green" cotton, and has a 1.5" wrap of luxurious natural wool. Because it contains no toxic materials, this is a mattress you can be at peace with when curling up for a good rest.

Our "Green" Mattress is more affordable than other organic cotton mattresses - it simply is not certified to be organic. Moreover, it provides an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, value-priced alternative to other organic mattresses. 

The wool wrap acts as a flame retardant. It also serves as a natural repellant of dust mites. The wool disperses moisture buildup during warmer months and helps warm the body during cooler months. 

Our "Green" Mattress has no springs, and as such will not transfer motion between sleepers. It has a soft, supportive feel and is perfect for sleepers who like a medium-firm feel to their mattress. We recommend placing it on a box spring or platform bed, or even using it as a floor bed.

Available Mattress Sizes:

  • Twin              (39"W x 75"L)       Thickness: 6", 7" or 8"

  • XL Twin        (39"W x 80"L)       Thickness: 6", 7" or 8"

  • Full                (54"W x 75"L)       Thickness: 6", 7" or 8"

  • Queen          (60"W x 80"L)       Thickness: 6", 7" or 8"

  • King              (76"W x 80""L)      Thickness: 6", 7" or 8"

  • Calif. King     (72"W x 84"L)        Thickness: 6"


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