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Since 2009, Maine Bunk Beds has dedicated to making high-quality adult bunk beds that are safe for both kids and adults. We pride ourselves in our catalog of custom, premium and sturdy bunk beds handcrafted out of the best quality solid wood. Choose or customize your high-end bunk bed today.

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Looking for a natural fiber mattress that is comfortable and affordable? Request a quote today.

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Choose a Mattress that is a perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. 

We offer two types of mattresses: (1) Maine-Made mattresses and (2) Natural Fiber mattresses.  Click here for more information on the types of mattresses available from our suppliers.

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Natural Fiber mattresses are shipped across North America using FedEx ground delivery. Maine-Made mattresses are shipped across North America if delivered with a bunk bed order. If not ordered with a bunk bed, Maine-Made mattresses can only be shipped to Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.
Maine-Made mattresses are available in depths of 7", 8.5" and 9.5". Natural Fiber mattresses are available in depths of 6", 7", and 8.".
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