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Since 2009, Maine Bunk Beds has dedicated to making high-quality adult bunk beds that are safe for both kids and adults. We pride ourselves in our catalog of custom, premium and sturdy bunk beds handcrafted out of the best quality solid wood. Choose or customize your high-end bunk bed today.

Loft Beds

Founded in 2009 by Scott Taylor, Maine Bunk Beds has since established a brand of safe, high quality and long lasting beds. Our short but significant history is based on the art of fine woodworking and sustainable business practices to deliver the best to our customers.

Custom Loft Beds for Adults & Kids

At Maine Bunk Beds, our custom loft beds for adults and kids are made from eco-friendly materials and finishes. We use nothing but the best solid hardwood—Northern American poplar—and the safest paints and stains. We avoid sourcing harmful materials that may contain dangerous toxins or chemicals. Rest assured, your family can sleep soundly in our sturdy, custom loft beds with Greengard-certified finishes.

Our custom loft beds for adults and kids come in two standard mattress sizes—twin and full. However, if you need a custom-size frame, just ask! The beauty of our handcrafted loft frames shines through the level of personalization we’re able to add for you. Whichever custom loft you choose, it’ll come with your choice of built-in ladder or stairs. We offer frames with standard ladder options as well as twin- and full-size loft beds with stairs.

Add-On Loft Features

Built-in desk

For many of our customers, choosing loft beds with desk space underneath is a good way to increase the functionality of their space. Kids and teens alike love creating their own study spaces, cozily tucked under their beds. Our built-in desks are made from the same durable, sturdy wood as our custom loft bed frames.

Safety rail

Although all our loft beds come with a standard safety rail, we offer an upgrade for an additional rail. Adding a second rail to your top bunk can give you calming security in knowing your child or guest is secure in their loft.

Freestanding bed

Want to sleep more than one? Choose our option for a custom loft with an additional bed. Unlike the bunk beds, our additional bed frame for loft beds is detached. You can choose to place it underneath the loft or use it as a stand-alone bed. We offer twin- through queen-sized Maine Camp Beds with any order for a custom loft bed for adult or child.

Take a look at all our wood loft beds, or request a personally designed loft quote with any special questions or requirements.