Maine Bunk Beds | Eco-Friendly & Green Bunk Beds

Green & Eco-Friendly

We believe that true sustainability extends beyond the materials we use and into our business philosophy as well. We engage in sound business stewardship and sustainable practices, like sourcing our woods and other materials locally. In addition, our beds are hand-built by talented, experienced craftsmen from the Maine boat-building industry—not overseas minimum-wage employees. We take great pride in our relationships within our community and work out of a artist-filled mill on the banks of the Androscoggin River.

Our beds are sustainable in themselves, made to last for generations to come. We even dispose of waste materials responsibly: we donate all of our sawdust to local Maine dairy farmers for use as cow bedding. Since there is no toxic glue or formaldehyde in our beds, all our cutoffs are used in woodstoves to fend off cool Maine nights.

Our products & our business are focused on delivering the highest quality, most eco-friendly, least toxic bunk beds made right here in the USA.