Causes that Matter to us

Causes that Matter

We at Maine Bunk Beds encourage you to take a little time out of your day to look around at all you have in life and be grateful. Then consider those who are struggling and lend them a hand. We didn’t realize the challenge in raising a special needs child until we had one of our own, and we have come to know firsthand how important it is to help carry the burdens of others. Here are a few people we have seen do good for children whom you might consider supporting:

The National Autism Association - Helping Hand Program

Offers direct financial support to pay for medical expenses of children with Autism who don’t have insurance. 100% of donations go to pay medical bills.

The National Autism Association - Family First Program

Offers direct financial support to pay for counseling for struggling autism parents. Autism is a difficult disorder and can put a great deal of strain on a marriage and family. Family First seeks to rebuild and strengthen marriages so that families stay whole and children with autism have the full-time love and care of both parents.

The Autism Solution Center

ASC is an all-in-one autism treatment facility that offers therapy, medical services, parenting education, counseling all at NO CHARGE to families. ASC is supported by donations from people like you who care about the needs of children with autism spectrum disorders.

The Autism Action Network

AAN is a grassroots organization of special needs parents who pound the pavement and man phones, fax lines, and emails to make sure the needs of their special kids are understood and addressed by legislators, and to make sure that healthy kids stay healthy and free of toxic injury. They advocate for environmental responsibility, safe pharmaceuticals, autism insurance coverage, good education, fully informed consent, government transparency, and the protection of the rights of all children and parents.

The only thing more valuable than your money to children and families in need is your time, care, and affection. Consider using your available time to support a family that is struggling in your world. Don’t have any? Get in touch with us and we will connect you to people who can get you serving. You will never regret giving to a special needs child.