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Since 2009, Maine Bunk Beds has dedicated to making high-quality adult bunk beds that are safe for both kids and adults. We pride ourselves in our catalog of custom, premium and sturdy bunk beds handcrafted out of the best quality solid wood. Choose or customize your high-end bunk bed today.

Custom Bunk Beds

Founded in 2009 by Scott Taylor, Maine Bunk Beds has since established a brand of safe, high quality and long lasting beds. Our short but significant history is based on the art of fine woodworking and sustainable business practices to deliver the best to our customers.

Custom Bunk Beds for Adults & Kids

Stylishly maximize your space with our high-quality wood bunk beds. At Maine Bunk Beds, we offer custom bunk beds for adults and kids. Every wooden bunk is handcrafted by our team of highly skilled woodworkers. We take great pride in building sturdy, high-quality bunk beds that will support all your needs. Our bunks can help you save valuable floor space in your children’s or guest bedrooms or add comfy places to sleep in your getaway cottage.

Custom Wooden Bunk Bed Styles

We offer several bunk bed styles that come with several customizable options. We build bunk beds for standard mattress sizes such as:

Any combination, aside from those with queen bed frames, are available in standard and XL dimensions. We recommend looking into XL dimensions for taller individuals or if adults will primarily use it on a regular basis. Find the perfect bunk for your situation from our line of custom bunk beds for all ages.

Customize Your Bunk

Our custom bunks for adults and kids come with your choice of ladder and add-ons. The ladder options we currently offer include our classic rung ladder and a fun porthole ladder—perfect for kids. If you’re looking for additional functionality in your custom bunk, see our options for adding a staircase with drawers.

Bring your bunk bed to the next level with additional sleeper and storage opportunities. Store seasonal clothes, art and activity supplies, or anything else you can think of in handcrafted drawers under your lowest bunk. Looking for a storable bed that’s both comfortable and sturdy? Adding a trundle bed under your bunk bed is the perfect option for you.

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Building Materials for Our Handmade Bunks

Our bunk beds feature oversize bed rails, unexposed structural screws, and mattress bases that can withstand adult weights—there’s good reason to trust in our bunks’ quality and strength. In designing your kid or adult custom bunk bed, we do everything we can to be eco-friendly and to produce safe, impactful products. Every bunk we build is designed with child safety and durability in mind. Our solid wood, nontoxic bunk beds are made from Northern American poplar, which we’ve found to give the desired strength—plus a bonus high-end finish.

We offer the choice of leaving your bunk bed frame with a natural, stained, or painted finish. Depending on the option you choose, we guarantee that all paints and finishes meet the strict environmental standards set by the California Air Resources Board and that they’re formaldehyde-free.

Questions? Feel free to contact us here, or send us an email with any bunk bed inquiries.